Instructors in the Houston campus’ new Cyber Security program were tasked with building a Network Server and Administration Lab to give students a realistic view and production-style feel of a data center…one that is able to grow and change as the technical curriculum evolves. Like virtually all educational institutions, TSTC operates on a limited budget. Working with Ryan Hill, a TSTC Cyber Security instructor, and a reseller, Tripp Lite identified solutions that could provide all supporting equipment for the lab within the allocated funds. The solutions from Tripp Lite enabled the school to build the lab with cost-effective and reliable infrastructure, using the same type of equipment students are likely to encounter throughout their careers.



Rack and Accessories

SR2POST 45U Open Frame Rack

SR4POST 45U Open Frame Rack


Organize an equipment array, while providing easy access to installed equipment

As needs grow, multiple units can be bolter together


Safety routes cables to eliminate cable stress

Cable be installed in a parallel or perpendicular configuration


Tripp Lite’s affordability allowed for a classroom setup that is more flexible and functional, all thanks to Tripp Lite’s support team. When contacting Tripp Lite for support, there was no hold time; everything was handled as close to real time as possible.

Ryan Hill
Cyber Security Instructor
Texas State Technical College, Fort Bend Campus

Network Server Surge Protector


DRS-1213 1U Rack-Mount Surge Protector

14 outlets and 14 ft. Cord

3000 joules of surge protection

Other Equipment:

Tripp Lite Patch Panels

Tripp Lite KVM Switches



Cyber Security Instructor Ryan Hill started with an empty room that had only Internet-enabled PCs and turned it into an integrated and flexible classroom with open frame racks, cable ladders, switches, patch panels, surge protectors and KVM switches from Tripp Lite. “Tripp Lite’s affordability let us do more with the budget we have,” Hill said. He noted the sturdiness, dependability, versatility and affordability of the products made Tripp Lite the school’s go-to for all supporting equipment.

The campus has just started its third semester of the Cyber Security program, but plans are already in motion for future subjects covering Intrusion Detection, Security Assessments and Auditing. Hill looks forward to using the lab and the Tripp Lite equipment to provide a great learning environment for the students to keep them interested and drive them to excel in the coursework.

CLIENT: Texas State Technical College, Fort Bend Campus


TRIPP LITE PRODUCTS: Racks, Accessories, Network Server surge protector, Patch Panels and KVM Switches

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